From style and color guides to maintenance of your custom-built cabinetry, you can discover a wide array of informative tips on Rich Wall Cabinetry

Countertops Solid Surfaces

Made from hard, thick plastics with invisible seams and opaque finishes, solid surfaces can have contrasting strips of solid surface material, wood, or metal for inlaid accents. Sinks are also available for a seamless installation. Certain types have the look of stone or wood. 

Benefits: Very durable; wide variety of colors; burns, blemishes and scratches can be sanded out easily.

Cleaning Tips: Use of non-abrasive cleaners necessary; sponges and scrub brushes work well for daily use; use steel wool for stubborn stains


Made by bonding a durable plastic sheet to a piece of plywood or particle board, laminates can withstand a certain amount of heat, nicks, and scratches, but can be marred if used as a cutting board. Seams joining two pieces of laminates are sometimes noticeable. 

Benefits: Easy to clean and cut; available in thousands of colors and patterns; very inexpensive. 

Cleaning Tips: Standard non-abrasive cleaners are ideal; sponges and scrub brushes can also be used for stubborn stains

Butcher Block/Wood

Butcher blocks are typically made from 1-1/2″-thick pieces of hardwood such as solid maple that have been bonded together with industrial glue. All finished counters should be sealed with urethane sealant; unfinished woods should be oiled with mineral oil. 

Benefits: Can be used for food preparation or chopping; the harder the wood, the better it will resist deep cuts. 

Cleaning Tips: Clean with soapy water; cover stubborn stains with a cloth and iron on a steam setting to lift oil


Stone is extremely strong and durable and is prized by designers for its aesthetic appeal. Available in large slabs, stone is usually at least 1-1/4″ thick and pieced together for large areas. Oils and acidic liquids can stain marble and granite. 

Benefits: Heat and water resistant; a very durable countertop that can last a lifetime.

Cleaning Tips: Non-abrasive cleaners work best; some bath and tile cleaners can be used to eliminate more stubborn stains